IMG_2592Marie Barrett, Partner and Senior Biologist, is an Imperial Valley, California Native; received Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Biology from Cal Poly Pomona. Ca Licensed Pest Control Adviser and worked in the agricultural industry from 1972-1989. Helped establish the Environmental Technology Program at Imperial Valley College and taught at IVC from 1989-1994.

Started Barrett’s Biological Surveys in 1991.

Glenna Barrett, Partner and Senior Biologist, is also a valley resident.  Graduating from Humboldt State University in 2000 and returning to work in El Centro in 2001.  Glenna has extensive knowledge in southwestern United States, non-migratory and migratory avian biology and ecology. Strong knowledge of common Flora and Fauna communities associated with Southern California and surrounding environs. CEQA, NEPA, California Endangered Species IMG_4178Act (CESA) and Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) knowledge gained through work experience.  She has excellent analytical skills, multi-tasking and writing abilities. Her past work experience has provided her with many years of hands on experience working with and managing others to find practical solutions to solve problems and achieve common goals.

Also served as the Outreach Coordinator for the New River Wetlands Project, which is active in establishing wetlands to improve the quality of water in the Alamo and New Rivers.

They have both served on many committees:

  • Salton Sea Advisory Committee – member;
  • Facilitator – Imperial County Burrowing Owl Conservation Group;
  • Presented at the Fourth Annual BUOIMG_1191W Symposium in Pasco, Washington;
  • Colorado River Citizens Forum- Board Member
  • Friends of the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge Complex;
  • Participated in the IV Energy Summit hosted by IVEDC;
  • Imperial County Film Commission.

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