BUOW Grant Farm Class

On July 28, 2014 we held an educational outreach class at the IC Farm Bureau conference

Class is in session!
Class is in session!

room.  Funding for this class came from a grant  made possible by the Burrowing Owl Stewardship and Education Fund held at the Imperial Valley Community Foundation.

Marie Barrett, Al Kalin, Ivan Soto and I had several meetings to determine how we could educate people about the burrowing owl.  We came up with this class for the farmers; tomorrow we will be installing an artificial burrow at the UC extension in Holtville, as well as a little something for the children.

A  BUOW informational pamphlet has been printed by the Imperial County Farm Bureau.

We will install a camera in and outside an artificial BUOW burrow.  The cameras will record the Burrowing Owls actions and the feed will be broadcast on the schools intranet for the children to watch and learn.  We will be going into the fourth grade classes and presenting on what they are watching.

Installing the artificial burrow.Extended Education credits are available for  PCA/PCO/QAL/QAC and private applicator continuing education hours.  You will receive 1.5 hrs. of law; .5 hours of aerial hours and 1.0 hrs of Other for a total of 3 hrs for today’s class.  Tomorrow attendance will be worth 2.0 hrs of Other.  We will meet at the Farm Advisor’s Office at 7 AM tomorrow for the artificial BUOW burrow installation at the UC Meloland Extension.

The presenters have given us their presentations given at the Farm Class and they are available below.

Farm Class Agenda






Presentation at BUOW Symposium in Pasco, WA

Marie presenting in Pasco, WA


Marie, our associate Shawna, and I, all attended the 4th Annual BUOW Symposium in February 3-7, 2014. I learned a lot of what is going on in other areas with the BUOW. Marie presented and we will all get credit for contributing to the publication the Global Owl Project will be printing. It was a fantastic experience and learning opportunity. I highly recommend keeping an eye on the Global Owl Project and being an active participant!

-Glenna Barrett

Here is a link to their website: